A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as an android with limited power fending off dangerous peers.

Laser turrets, rock'em sock'em robots, and bomb laying drones all threaten your existence - and you only have 12 moves (plus whatever you can steal from them) to defeat them.

For my second time around the jam, this game achieves more, but is still not very fun or finished. I'm still glad I made it and look forward to next time.


  • wasd to move
  • shift + wasd to place a bomb in that direction
  • walk into an enemy to sap their power
  • . (period) to do nothing and lose some power
  • escape to quit


SelfPreservation-Windows64.zip 3 MB
SelfPreservation-macOS.zip 4 MB
SelfPreservation.love 485 kB

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